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Backstage Hanging Mirror for Dance Bag with Dimmable LED Lights

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Backstage Hanging Mirror for Dance Bag with Dimmable LED Lights

We provide optimal size hanging mirror convenient to keep with you by folding it and you can use it anywhere.

BRÜUN Backstage Hangable Mirror is the perfect choice for you which will help you in makeup and finishing touches with ease.

The unique LED light feature makes it a must have product regardless of your profession and age. It allows you to see yourself, no matter where you are and what is the.

You can use the touch-sensitive power button to turn the lights on and off at the time of need.

Our product is perfect for darker rooms or when you want to see yourself even clearer while applying the makeup on your face. If you want to adjust the lights, you can touch and hold the power button to brighten or dim them up to the level you prefer and have the requirement according to the external light conditions.

Multiple-Usage: Shaving: Be regular in good grooming by keeping your face clear and clean shaved to achieve a young and energetic look.

Makeup: To have a clear and wide view of your face for applying makeup, it is a super cool product at Spas or home.

Finishing touch: For finishing touch before going to stage for performance, it is best to have a luminous glance to have confident face with you.

All these features and possibilities makes our smart backstage mirror a best choice as a gift to your family members and friends, especially your brother, boyfriend and your father as we believe they need this as hair cutting mirror and also to your mother, sister or girlfriend as we believe they need it while applying make up or other facial care routines.