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BRÜUN Beauty 30W Moon Lash Light | A 24 Inches Adjustable LED Floor Lamp for Estheticians, Lash Technicians, and Nail Artists - Ideal Eyelash Extensions with Phone Holder and Remote Control


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  • PERFECT LED FLOOR LAMP: BRUUN Half Moon Light is the Ultimate solution for estheticians, lash artists, and tattoo artists with 1600 lumens and 95 CRI. Perfect light for lash extensions and tattooing with few easy to assemble steps.
  • IDEAL LASH EXTENSION LIGHT: Eliminate shadows with Half Moon Light, designed for consistent and bright light. Adjustable brightness and color temperature create the perfect ambiance.
  • EXCELLENT 360 ROTATION: The Half Moon Light is perfect for eyelash, aesthetician with adjustable height, sturdy base and 360-degree rotation. Ideal wanning shape lash lamp for eyelash extensions esthetician light
  • PHONE HOLDER & REMOTE CONTROL: Record your work and take your skills to the next level with the included phone holder. You can adjust the brightness according to your requirements with remote control.
  • STRONG BASE WITH GRIP: The strong metal base of our lamp allows you to place it anywhere near your usage area. You can fix it on your table firmly or any other surface of width about 2 inches for proper grip. Rest easy with a 1-year warranty for this ultimate lash and nail lamp today.


Introducing the Half Moon Light, the ultimate LED floor lamp for estheticians, nail technicians, lash and tattoo artists, and anyone looking for optimal lighting. With a bright 1,600 lumens output and high CRI of 95, this lamp provides exceptional illumination for intricate work such as lash extensions and tattooing. The Half Moon Light is specifically designed to eliminate shadows and provide consistent, bright light for every lash extension application, making it the ideal lash extension light.
Not just for lash artists, the Half Moon Light is also perfect for eyelash extensions. With a sturdy base, adjustable height, and 360-degree lamp head rotation, you can position it exactly where you need it. Plus, it's an ideal nail lamp for your desk, providing optimal lighting for your work. The Half Moon Light features adjustable brightness and color temperature, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance for your clients.
The best thing about our esthetician lamp is that it comes with a mobile holder attached to it which allows you to place your phone in front of you on which you can watch steps of different therapies to apply on your clients. The strong base of our lamp allows you to place it anywhere near your usage area. You can fix it on your table firmly or any other surface of width about 2 inches for proper grip.

Material: ABS + Aluminum alloy
Power supply: 110-240V
Power: 30W
Lamp beads: 238 pcs
Color temperature: 3000K-6000K
Lumens: 800LM
Color rendering index:> 90a
Dimming mode: three-stage dimming

Accessories list:
Lamp holder X 1
Power adapter X 1
Hose phone clip X 1

PACKAGE: 76cm X 31cm X 8cm
Weight: 4.6kg