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Bruun Adjustable Folding Wall Mounted Rectangular Mirror with LED Lights for Luminous View with Touch Control Power Button 

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Illuminate your space with customizable brightness levels. Whether you need a soft glow for a calming spa or makeup artist's atmosphere or intense illumination for detailed work, the dimmable LED lights adapt to your preferences. Try it yourself and find out why they're loving it.👇

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  • Forget about fixed and heavy mirrors which bound you to a certain place for makeup and other uses.

  • The best thing about portable mirror is that you can place it in any position according to the space.

  • Foldable mirror has a touch sensitive power button which makes it so convenient to provide a focused glow in just one touch on the screen. 

  • Adjust the brightness simply touch and hold the button and make the level according to your requirement.

  • Premium quality, smooth & reliable mirror which enables you to see even minor details of your body in it and have a clearer, brighter, and focused view any time at any place without any expensive light room.

BlackLight VioletRoseGreyYellowTeal


  • Made of environment-friendly and long-lasting materials

  • Cute, colorful hanging mirror perfect for dancers or on the go

  • Love the LED lights and that it folds up nicely to put away

We provide optimal size hanging mirror convenient to keep with you by folding it and you can use it anywhere.

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Size (Main Display)

13.5L x 20W x 1H Inch

11L x 13W x 1H Inch

Dimension (Unfold)

13.5L x 48W Inch

11.5L x 25W Inch


3.3 LB

1.7 LB

Frame Material

Polystyrene (PS)

Polystyrene (PS)

Special Feature

Touch sensor, USB charging, Foldable, Adjustable, Unbreakable, Lighted

Touch sensor, USB charging, Foldable, Adjustable, Unbreakable, Lighted