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Stainless Steel Long Channel Brushed Finish Linear Bathroom Floor Drain Include Hair Strainer and Leveling Feet for Water Waste


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In stock: 5 items
In stock: 5 items
In stock: 5 items
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  • Size & Material: Its width 2.75", central outlet 2". 36 L/min High Flow Capability. Base flange connects to drain pipe, fit standard U.S. plumbing connection. Drain surface protects against corrosion, scratches, and rust.
  • Modern Shower Drain: Our Modern Linear shower drain is elegant and made up of heavy-duty 304 stainless steel which makes your floor more beautiful. It Enhances the water flow with a stylish looking. It looks invisible and seamless on your floor.
  • Shower Drain Accessories: This shower drain has accessories that perform individual work. Lifting hook for lift up. The strainer can filter hair effectively. Adjustable feet help in installation and Threaded adapter can adjust the height of drain.
  • Super Flow Draining System: It has 36 L/min High Flow Capability. The water and shedding hair or impurities can easily drain from our shower drain. Heavy-duty steel cover offers a good sealing ability. The linear shower drain can be cleaned easily.
  • Convenient Installation & Adjustment: This shower drain has two leveling feet which can adjust the height as needed. It is very easy in installation and adjustment. If you face any problem in installation, you should read the manual and install it.


We providing good and premium quality products at a highly reasonable price. Our 304 shower drain is the best method to waste your shedding hairs, impurities and water.
Embedded design offers an invisible and seamless look on your floor. And Heavy-duty steel cover offers a good sealing ability.
Deep 'V' profile shallow design enhanced internal slope virtually helps remaining water in the channel to drain quick. our linear shower drain also preventing from insects, smell and mice from entering the house
This floor drain has multiple accessories which perform work individually.

Threaded Adapter
A sturdy threaded adapter allows you to adjust or set the height of shower drain. So that the drain could be installed perfectly.

Lifting Hook
The 304 stainless-steel drain key is small and simple, but very useful. With the hair catching drains it keeps the drains flowing only

Hair Strainer
The round holes are bigger and allow water to flow. And also allows impurities and shedding hair to flow in the drain with water.

Leveling Feet
The installation height of feet could be adjusted from 1.5 to 2.1 inches. So, that the installer could precisely set the height of 2 ends to the ground's horizontal.

Package Content
1Pcs Linear Shower Drain Body
1Pcs Threaded Adapter
2Pcs Leveling Feet
1Pcs Hair Strainer & 1Pcs Lifting Hook
1Pcs Foam & 5Pcs Plastic Clips

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