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Hydroponic Growing Tower – A 5 Layers (160 Pots) Freestanding Vertical Growing Aeroponic Garden for Planting, Herbs and Vegetables with Timer

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Freestanding Vertical Growing Aeroponic Garden for Planting, Herbs and Vegetables with Timer, Adapter, Hydrating Pump, Seeding Bed & Net Pots. Suitable for various plants.Try it yourself and find out why they're loving it.👇

  • Easy to Install 
  • Auto Control
  • Intelligent System
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5 Layers (160 Pots) Aeroponic Garden

Auto Control

Materials are Food Grade

Effortless Results Every Time

Hydroponics Growing System

The Indoor Smart Garden allows you to grow all your favorite herbs, greens, veggies, and other plants without soil.

The hydroponic kit with a water circulation design, which is conducive to air circulation, provides more oxygen to plants and makes them grow better.

Up to 160 plants grow at a time. Grows in water or soil according to your choice, no mess made simple.

AVUX hydroponics growing system every layer with grow light, and a circulation system that keeps water fresh.

Vertical Hydroponic Planting Box

Auto control run on 6hours, 12 hours, 18 hours

Our full spectrum growth light simulates sunlight, it's more suitable for the growth of vegetable plants, without any harm to the human body and uncomfortable light sensation. When viewed with the naked eye, it will present natural light.

Bruun Hydroponic Tower Garden supports a Healthy Lifestyle with Sustainable Gardening Methods. Grow precisely what you want, when you want, naturally, without the use of pesticides or herbicides.

How does Bruun Hydroponics Tower System Works?

The Bruun hydroponic tower garden comes in pieces and assembly takes about 25–30 minutes of minimal setup. The working of the aero gardening system is explained below: 

1-Seeds grow  in a soilless medium: 

When the seedlings are ready after 2-3 weeks of germination, you will plant them in your indoor or outdoor Tower Garden. Instead of soil. Tower Garden grows plants in Rockwool or a similar medium to provide oxygen and consistent moisture, encouraging rapid, healthy growth to the plant roots.

2-The tank stores the plant nutrient solution:

Add the desired nutrients of your choice based on the plant to the water.

Fill the reservoir at the base of your aeroponic tower Garden with a mixture of nutrient mineral blend and water.

3-The Nutrient-rich solution flows down the hydroponic tower: 

A pump in the reservoir pumps the solution to the top of the hydrponics system through a central pipe. The nutrient solution then drips down the inside of the hydroponic grow kit, evenly distributed over the exposed plant roots to ensure maximum results. A timer ensures that process repeats to deliver the ideal amount of oxygen, water, and nutrients to plants in perfect harmony.

4-Plants will be ready in few weeks:

Tower Garden will take care of itself you just have to do few minor maintenance tasks, such as checking water levels and cleaning the pump filter. And in just a few short weeks, you’ll be enjoying abundant home.


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