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Shower Drain Base with Threaded Adjustable Ring – A Black Colored Floor Drain Base with Rubber Coupler for Easy and Stable Installation of Bathroom Drain Compatible with ABS & PVC Pipes


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  • Long-lasting Working: Our floor drain base is durable and made with heavy-duty quality material which makes it perfect for long-lasting working. It works as an adaptor between shower drain and drain pipe. No need to change it again and again.
  • Durable Accessories: This linear bathroom drain comes with a threaded adjustable ring and rubber coupler which can helps in the easy installation of linear shower drain. This base is compatible with both ABS and PVC pipes.
  • Material: The black-colored linear shower drain base with adjustable ring and rubber coupler is made with heavy-duty plastic and stainless steel in special production technology to prevent corrosion and rust. It is a certified product by CUPC.
  • Rubber Coupler: The rubber coupler is the standard connection between Drain and base if height adjustment is not important. This rubber coupler has a good sealing and it prevents water leakage.
  • Easy Installation: Everyone can install this shower drain base with floor drain easily without following a tricky setup. If you face trouble in installation, you should read the added manual and install it easily.

After long time research and development, Bruun Design a outstanding shower drains and bases at a highly reasonable prices.
Bruun is also focus on creating the eternal cleanliness of your bathroom space with the utmost quality.
Perfect Combination For Any Shower Drain
A variety of panels and sizes-selectable floor drains with the combination of plastic and stainless steel base can be maximized the overall performance advantages of high displacement.
This linear shower drain base is durable enough and working very well with your shower drain. It can exactly fit with shower drain and helps in the easy and fast removal of water, hairs and other waste. It is compatible with both ABS and PVC pipes.
Base is made from plastic and heavy-duty stainless steel which prevent it from corrosion and rust. This base comes with Threaded Adjustable ring and rubber coupler. The Adjustable ring work as a adaptor between Shower drain and Drain Pipe and rubber Coupler prevent water leakage.
Including Accessories:
This plastic base comes with two different accessories which perform work individually.
1. Threaded Adjustable Ring:
This accessory fix with base and use for the height adjustment
2. Rubber Coupler:
This accessory has a good sealing function and it also prevents from water leakage.